For over 20 years, I've had the good fortune to do what I love—and excel at it. I've led the creation of marketing plans and strategies for brands like McDonald’s, Microsoft, Rolls-Royce, Renault, Dignity Memorial, and City of Houston. I've had the opportunity to lead this process from the agency side as a creative director, and later, from the client side, developing initiatives for marketing and communications departments in the corporate world. As a result, I'm well versed in the strategy and execution of corporate brands, as well as internal/external communications.



As a global marketer I have demonstrated success with delivering innovative marketing strategies and strong results that effectively achieve brand awareness and increase lead generation.


Brand Management

I'm a creative marketing and brand architect expert with a solid track record of helping global brands, build equity, and bring business strategies into brand goals.


Creative Direction

I'm an agency trained leader of creative teams, overseeing strategy for advertising campaigns, from concept development to implementation, and ensuring projects are on time and on budget.


It has definetely been a long and fun ride full of interesting projects! The following samples are a brief selection of my professional portfolio.

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Rolls-Royce Collateral

Rolls-Royce Marketing Materials

POP Marketing Materials for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Houston

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Infiniti Advertising

Infiniti Advertisement

Clear Lake Infiniti ad for the Infiniti M

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McDonald's Advertising

McDonald's Campaign

McDonald's Colombia. Recruiting campaign targeted at college students. 'Pursuit 2 careers'

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Renault Branding

Renault POP Marketing

Internal Communications, Collateral, and POP marketing

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McDonald's Marketing

McDonald's Marketing Campaign

McDonald's - Franchise marketing campaign selected to be replicated internationally for McDonald’s

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Dignity Memorial Marketing and Advertising Materials

Dignity Memorial Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Marketing plans and advertising campaigns in the U.S. and Canada

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Paul McCartney Magazine

Variety Club/Paul McCartney Magazine

Promotional Magazine for Variety Club and Paul McCartney

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Houston Public Library's Branding

Houston Public Library Branding Strategy

Strategic marketing and brand management for the Houston Public Library

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Shell Marketing Campaigns

Shell USA and Canada Marketing Campaigns

Collateral and POP materials for more than 15000 stations across USA and Canada

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Sudameris Ad

Sudameris Bank Advertisement

Investment fund advertisement.

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Phillips 66 Marketing Materials

Phillips 66 Collateral

Billboards and catalogues for Phillip 66 Lubricants and Kendall Motor Oil.

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Ford Advertising

Ford Advertising Campaign

Southern Ford. Advertising campaign

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Houston Public Library - Outdoor Advertising

Houston Public Library Marketing Campaign

"Beyond Books" Marketing campaign to promote library services

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Houston Public Library - Books Take You Places

Houston Public Library Marketing Campaign

"Books Take You Places" Social media campaign using the library system vehicles

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Dignity Memorial Branding Guidelines

Dignity Memorial Branding Guidelines

Branding architecture, attributes, and visual identity for Dignity Memorial

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 Dignity Memorial Selection Portfolio

Dignity Memorial Selection Portfolio

Citation of Excellence in the ADDY® Awards from the American Advertising Federation

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Jardines y Funerarias Del Angel Branding Guidelines

Funerarias Del Angel Branding Guidelines

Branding guidelines, brand presentation, and marketing best practices

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Jardines y Funerarias Del Angel Marketing and Advertising Materials

Funerarias Del Angel Marketing

Marketing plans, advertising campaigns, website, location showcase and grass roots blitz, and collateral materials

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W.K. Kellogg Foundation Marketing

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Collateral

English and Spanish educational booklet

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Houston Texans Gameday

Houston Texans Publication

Design and layout for this official publication of the Houston Texans

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NASA Magazine

NASA Promotional Magazine

Return to Flight - Promotional magazine for NASA mission

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Alpina Collateral, and POP Materials

Alpina Collateral, and POP Materials

Internal communications, marketing, collateral, and POP materials for a dairy company.

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Mexican restaurant franchise - Marketing

Tacos del Julio Marketing

Marketing, photography, POP, collateral, and promotional materials for Mexican restaurant franchise

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Colleagues and clients have had these kind things to say about my work.

About Me

My name is Alejandro Lozano. I'm a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience developing corporate branding and marketing strategies on two continents. I'm passionate about helping my clients market their brands effectively, and I've led the creation of world-class marketing plans and initiatives to help companies do just that. I love that what I do lets me bring together creativity and strong analytical and strategic skills. I've successfully managed in-house marketing teams and external agencies.

Alejandro Lozano

Alejandro Lozano

Marketing and Brand Strategy

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